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boxes The View from My Cup

cupThe view from my cup…the fire. I freeze in colder weather. Most days find me in flannel pajama bottoms, and a sweatshirt or hoodie, huddled in front of the keyboard. Brrrr! But this week I’ve worked in total comfort beside the fire. Warmth, aaahhhhh!

One of the benefits to having a roaring fire, creature comforts aside, is the lowered heating bill. Not typically one to swoon over the rise or fall of utilities, I nearly fainted at the power bill last month. I’m found I’m quite adept at starting and maintaining the fire well into the evening. Supplies - newspaper, kindling, oak logs, poker, ash bucket, gloves – are laid out neatly. There is something satisfying about building a fire. *authors note: building a fire in a fireplace or stove…not just general joy at practicing pyromaniac skills – no worries!*

I should perhaps mention my idea to clean out the ash from last season with the shop vac was good in theory, and comical in application. I’m still wiping down everything in the whole room. Who knew the exhaust port on the shop vac would drench the room in ash? Think Mt. Saint Helens. We laughed until we cried!

As a child we had two fireplaces. The TV room one was used very rarely, and the living room one never. Unless gas logs count. I say they do not. I remember roasting marshmallows a few times, and grilling hotdogs once or twice. But the fireplace function overall? Looks, yes. Mantle to decorate, yes. Heat, not so much.

With any new endeavor, there are always ‘go with’ items I want. I’m coveting a cast iron humidifier pot that sits on top the stove to return moisture to the air. And a cool wood holder to stack firewood beside the stove. Neither necessary, both wanted.

So I’m curious…did you have and use a fireplace? Do you now?