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boxes The View from My Cup

cupThe view from my cup…measuring cup, that is. I’ve been making things. Cakes, cookies…food type things. Did you ever receive a gift that was somewhat at cross purposes with other things in your life? No? Here’s an example for you…

My sweet son bought me a shiny red KitchenAid mixer for Christmas. For years he has heard me say I wanted a red KitchenAid mixer. Low and behold, a week or so before Christmas, a box so big and heavy I couldn’t lift it arrived at the door. Inside was a huge box wrapped in a green fabric bag, like Santa’s sack. It was tied with a huge red bow that sported a tiny tag, declaring it was from Duncan, and he hoped I enjoyed it. Christmas morning I believe he understood I truly was shocked and thrilled to open my heart’s desire. Well, in regard to kitchen appliances, at least.

The first thing I made were mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner. Then the next day I made a cake. Then over the next few days, more cookies, another cake, frosting, biscuits (by my sweetie, I don’t do biscuits!), and then more cookies. I have my mother’s Betty Crocker Cooky cookbook. From that I made ginger cream cookies that were apparently the go-to cookie in the 1920’s. Great flavor, too cakey though. But I digress.

How is this at cross purposes you ask? Because I’m diligently attempting to keep my carb consumption pretty low. The aforementioned list is carb laden. And of course, if I make it, I also have to eat some. Or a lot. Whichever.

I’ve been looking at all the gizmos available to go with my new toy. We already bought a paddle with the scraping blade. Then the pasta maker looks like fun. But pasta equals carbs. *pout*

So currently I am on a mission to discover recipes that are low-carb, and require the skills of my lovely new shiny bought-with-love mixer. I’m not giving up! Ideas welcome. I’ll wait…