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boxes The View from My Cup

cup The view from my cup…a coffeehouse. Actually it is a used bookstore and coffeehouse combination new in my area. There are several things I get there regularly. First, the coffees and teas…superb! And the very best hot cocoa EVER! Also an assortment of baked goods…mouthwatering!

The second thing I get there is harder to find than great cocoa…ambiance. It is mostly quiet, with right type of classic rock music in the background. Perfect for writing. I’m surrounded by books…nirvana. My favorite chair is beside a shelf with really old tomes. Dark clothbound novels no longer read, written by authors no longer sought after. Occasionally I select a volume just to breathe in the familiar musty smell of age. Often there is a name of the former owner in faded script. I wonder what happened to them. What was the journey that allowed their treasured book ended up in my hands?

The ebb and flow of customers is constant. Often I’m not the only writer in residence. The shoppers are respectful as they quietly meander around the aisles, or sit with friends at adjacent tables. People discuss interesting things within earshot of me. Sitting with my back to the ‘local authors’ section, I overhear a couple discussing a book written by my friend. They ask each other speculative questions that I could easily answer for them. But I refrain…let them read and learn the answers themselves.

Another table has people discussing an upcoming election. I sigh in relief. They are having an informed discussion, not in agreement on the issues, but not in heated discourse either.

A father sits with his small daughter. He sips coffee while she sits on her knees to reach her cup of cocoa. She gives him an amusing account of the designs the dissolving marshmallow creates.

I glance at my own cocoa and notice I didn’t get any marshmallows. Not even a problem today.

Where is your happy place to hang out?