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boxes The View from My Cup

cup The view from my cup…a milkshake. When spring arrives most people’s thoughts turn to yard work, planting flowers and clearing away the detritus winter left behind. Me? I think of milkshakes! Not that I can’t drink one any time of year, but spring is the time when I must have one. Or several.

When I was a child, we often went to the local dairy store for ice cream and milk shakes. The Valley Bell Dairy had a store in town. Outside across the street a retaining wall was a hangout for a few high school kids. My mother looked at them disdainfully, while I looked at them hoping I’d be sitting there too someday. I can still remember how the inside of the store looked. A center area dominated the store, where ice cream was dipped in cups or smooshed onto cones. Or where sundaes and banana splits were created. But my favorite was a large chocolate malted shake. Ice cream, malt powder and milk loaded into the chrome cup and slid onto the blender, then poured frosty cold into the cup.

When I was sucking this one down I remembered those shakes. Not delivered in a plastic cup with a domed plastic lid and plastic straw. The ones of my youth came in a tall paper cup, with a paper straw and no lid. You were on your own to police spillage and drips. I can still remember the distinct flavor the paper straw imparted to the shake. I can’t remember the last time I was served anything with a paper straw. Now days I see them for sale in craft stores. I’m not sure what you make with them. Not milk shakes I’m betting.

It seems every town had a dairy store. Of course, I’m so old I still remember when the dairy delivered milk and assorted dairy items to our house. The glass bottles were set out the night before and switched out by the milkman the next morning. He also delivered cottage cheese. Yummy! Our local grocery store sells some milk in glass bottles now. My son bought one, and several months later the bottle is still sitting in the kitchen to be returned to the store for a two dollar deposit. Two dollars! Amazing. And more amazing, I can’t seem to remember to return the darned thing!

What’s your milkshake memory?