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boxes The View from My Cup

cupThe view from my cup...on the deck with the paper, cherry chocolate coffee, and a favorite cup that sums up my world. Life is indeed good. My man child sleeps, home on summer break. My sweet love Paul is with his mother today. I'm alone in the cool of the morning. Well, actually not alone. I'm surrounded by my bird and squirrel friends. They have an extra share of peanuts today, their treat on Mother's Day. Peanuts line the deck railing, just like my mother used to do. The bold blue jays are bold and will take nuts from close to the chair I occupy. The less adventurous birds and the skittish squirrels take their treats from the tray feeder or the sidewalk. Stale bread goes in the suet feeder. The antics of the grackles trying to perch on the limb while picking at the bread crusts provides me with endless entertainment. They aren’t very coordinated in their efforts.

My mother has been gone 23 years next month. But sitting here surrounded by every little thing she loved keeps her close. I feel her with me, nodding her approval at the combination of flowers in my planters, and the seedlings ready for transplanting today. I'll have dirt under my nails today like she often did. And I’ll miss her the most while doing the things she loved to do. I am my mother’s daughter.