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boxes The View from My Cup

cupThe view from my tiny shade garden surrounding the lamp post by our back deck. Not large, not fancy, this diminutive tract of garden gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. Three hostas, a fern, creeping Jenny, a few rocks and a huge hunk of coal from a friend. It's just a pretty little spot and it makes me smile.

I was thinking this morning about folks without any garden patches, no window boxes, wildflowers, or even a happy yellow dandelion. I often think they are deprived of the simplest of pleasures ‎...enjoying nature. I wonder if they are the same folk that drive a road and see potholes but are blind to the lush green mountains? Do they notice bird droppings and fail to hear bird songs? Do they mow the grass yet miss the beauty of the clover and tiny violets?

Today my cup is half full, not half empty. I've chosen to lay aside angst, drama, and worry about things that don't involve me. I'm breathing in the intoxicating freshness and honesty of nature.

I have trouble understanding folks who every moments are wound up tighter than guitar strings. The ones who haven’t taken a deep relaxing breath for hours, weeks, years. And worse yet, don't see the benefit of it. I’ve worked with or otherwise known people who are so keyed 24/7 about something, anything…whew!... They don’t only forget to breath, they suck the air from everyone else too!

I spent a lot of year running the high ridges of anxiety, so I suppose I should understand. In retrospect, I wish I would have embraced the calm and shed the cloak of false urgency the world imposes.

What's the rush, really? Plant a flower, feed some birds...nourish your soul.