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boxes The View from My Cup

cupThe View from My Cup...this morning my sweet son and I trimmed the gangly, overgrown forsythia bushes in front of the house. Forsythia is ok typically, but these bushes grow like it's their mission to engulf the entire front of the house. Taller than me, trimming the invasive mass is quite the challenge. Some expletives may have been uttered.

I remember helping my mother trim shrubs when I was young. Only then it was the boxwood, trimmed accordingly, like a box. So the torch (or electric trimmer!) is passed to my son. However, he will likely choose to live in a micro-condo, where both lawn and house work will be minimal at best.

Trimming across the bottom of the bush uncovered a treasure hidden underneath. Just as the grousing and sweating was increasing, the delicate gem of a sky blue robin's egg was revealed. Like my mother before me often did, I cradled the egg in the palm of my ragged gardening gloves and carried it to the porch. It lays nestled in a flower pot, a spring treasure to enjoy.

There are small bits of beauty to be found everywhere, and in every mundane undertaking, if we but look.