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boxes The View from My Cup

cupThe view from my cup…things that smell. And not necessarily good. I was awakened again a few nights ago by the pungent odor of our furry lawn visitor, Ms. Skunk. Up out of bed with a quickness to slam the window shut against the vile, eye watering scent released upon unsuspecting sleepers. GAK!!

Although there are a few people that assure me they don’t mind the smell, and a couple that even profess the liking it, it makes me want to gag. She is a silent visitor, the only indication of her presence is the remaining vapor trail of stench. The smell is cloying, heavy and seems to hang in the air like dense fog does in the early morning.

Several years ago we lived in Pennsylvania. Right outside my bedroom window was a small storage shed for the lawn mower and such. Right under the shed was the hole where Ms. Skunk lived. I suspect in an attempt to camouflage her daytime home, she often emitted her pungent warning to ward away other curious critters.

I bounded out of bed many night, can of Frebreze in hand, spraying my own retaliatory blasts of odor eradicator around the house. That never truly worked, mainly resulting in a curious hybrid of skunk and air freshener. That smell wasn’t particularly pleasant, but a notch above skunk smell alone.

These days I forgo the Febreze. I still slam the windows down against the olfactory onslaught. But I often stand at the window, nose buried in my nightshirt, peering outside through the darkness. I’m forever hopeful for a glimpse of my black and white visitor.