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boxes The View from My Cup

cupThe view from my cup… an elderly stray beagle having breakfast this morning. Yesterday as I was sitting on the deck working, I looked up and this little old girl sauntered onto the deck like she owned it. She looked around, sniffed a few things and sat down for a visit. And stayed. She went under the deck, presumably to beat the heat, and made herself quite comfortable near the deck door, which is also the farthest point from any edge of the deck. My son coaxed her out with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and led her to the meadow next door to munch a handful. Of course, when she was finished, she meandered back to the deck…and promptly claimed my chair for her own.

No neighbors claimed her so far, so for dinner she dined on a plate full of ground round, fried and cooled before serving. Back to my chair, where she spent the night.

I’m not going to say we aren’t dog people, because we all love dogs in this home. However, we have made a choice not to have a pet currently because we are not positioned to give a pet the proper care and attention they deserve. We are frequently not home and abhor the notion of leaving an animal for hours and hours alone with no companionship. Our choice, and you are free to make your own choices based on your wants and abilities. (haters to the back of the line please)

But I digress…She greeted me bright and early this morning. Tail wagging, and wearing what appeared to be a smile. What dog wouldn’t be smiling too if someone was cooking them ground chuck for breakfast! Me? I had stale raisin bran. For obvious reasons we don’t have dog food handy, so people food it is. This morning she got a few handfuls of Cheerios mixed in. When you don’t have a bag of Iams handy, you improvise!

At any rate, the search is on for her home. She has a collar, but no tags. From the looks of her belly she has had many a litter. Today the birds, squirrels and chipmunks are taking a backseat to the dog that claimed us.