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boxes The View from My Cup

cupThe view from my cup…trees. I was thinking about trees the other day and how I absolutely loathe anyone chopping down a perfectly good tree. The tree pictured here is in the yard next door. A wonderful specimen, it soars high above our house and provides shade as the sun is setting. Should it ever decide to venture to the ground in a north-easterly fashion, I may not be quite so fond of it, but I’d guess there is a chance I might embrace it…literally.

I heard somewhere when trees are removed and not replaced in city or town green spaces, the property declines. I’d have to agree. Even if nothing else seems to change, the mere absence of trees is enough to render formerly vibrant spaces lifeless, without personality.

The fact that trees are environmentally a necessity aside, trees do so much more. Provide shade, house birds and squirrels, produce maple syrup, yield pine nuts, flower, and dot the landscape with beauty. Just watching trees from season to season is fascinating to me. We have a maple and a pin oak beside our deck. One gains and loses leaves before the other. They both litter the yard with cute, albeit annoying detritus each spring. The squirrels enjoy running the branches and we enjoy watching their daring acrobatic feats high above us.

I’ve always loved trees. And I’ve never understood people who have great, huge trees cut back to tall stubs. Trees persevere, however, and when the new growth appears the cluster of leaves at the ends of the emasculated branches give the appearance of huge stalks of broccoli. Not. Pretty. There are right and wrong ways to prune trees. And I’ve learned not everyone with a chain saw knows the difference. Or even cares. And don’t carve your initials in one. Trees do not need tattoos.

Plant a tree this year. Watch it grow. Visit Drink iced tea in the shade…and thank a tree.