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boxes The View from My Cup

cup The view from my cup…the laundry mat. After numerous years when I was first living on my own, I’ve had a washer and dryer in my home. Whew! Those days of lugging several baskets full to the laundry mat were safely in my rear view mirror. Or so I thought.

Enter number one and only son. He just moved into his first apartment. And much like my first one, not only is it in the same town, it also has no washer and dryer hookups. So a couple of times I’ve made the forty-five minute trip to spend time with him, and the laundry mat.

Some things came floating to the top of my memory as I watched our fellow laundry-challenged folk. In having numerous years of ‘mat time’ under my belt, it seems some things never change. First, was the variety of containers used to transport laundry to and from to mat. In our hour or so there, I saw a suitcase, duffle bag, trash bags, and all manner of baskets.

Then there was the woman next to us. She was wearing her swimsuit under her jeans and tee shirt. I’m guessing hers might have been a ‘let’s go to the mat because I’m out of clean underwear’ kind of situation. I observed her removing her clean clothes from the washer and separating out items not bound for the dryer. This included a bra. The kind where the cups are kind of pre-molded to the cup size. She handed this over to her male companion, who draped it over his lap, making him appear to have breasts where his kneecaps should have been. Huge kneecaps.

Of particular interest was the college age fellow who was somewhat meticulous in his approach to laundry. Every item was shaken, turned right side out the tossed into the dryer. After his items were dry, he laid each long-sleeved shirt together in a pile, and the same with his tee shirts. Much like a clown car trick, the shirts just kept coming! I don’t exaggerate to say he had at least sixty shirts. Oddly enough, I didn’t observe a single pair of shorts or jeans in the group. After they were all lined up in their respective stacks, he rolled them in groups of six or eight and arranged them in a big duffle bag. My thought on that was perhaps he lost a bet at his frat house and had to do everyone’s shirts? Still pondering that one.

Then there was the dryer sheet lady. She was dividing her laundry between two or three dryers, and to each she added ten or twelve dryer sheets. Wow! Although I have to say, as a result the air began to smell rather pleasant.

I should give credit to the owners of this establishment. It is spotlessly clean. And it’s cool in there. I don’t mean awesome cool, I mean breeze-blowing-I’m-not-sweating kind of cool. Kudos to the proprietors for paying an undoubtedly huge electric bill for that accomplishment!

The machines cost a lot more now than I remembered spending. Quarters are still the currency of the day. And my son found three quarters in the little tray when he went to change a five. Bonus!