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boxes The View from My Cup

cupThe View from My Cup…time with friends. I’m looking out over the colorful deck at one of my dearest friend’s home. We have been friends for almost twenty years now. Our sons played together as children. We have cried over, laughed at, lamented, embraced or dismissed so many men, situations, ideas, and trends through the years. She taught me to search for my authentic self, I taught her that what others think of her isn’t her business. We have a win-win relationship.

But what of others friends throughout the years? It seems friends weave in and out of our lives, creating a colorful tapestry. Piers Anthony wrote a sci-fi book ‘With a Tangled Skein’ where he describes the world as a huge tapestry and as a life is extinguished, a thread is cut, ending that color thread in the tapestry. Sometimes we cut peoples threads from our tapestry, and other times they cut ours.

I’ve been remembering lately the summer playground program of my childhood. Each elementary school had a couple of college students who provided play, arts and crafts, snacks and fun for neighborhood children each weekday for a few hours during the summer months. For a few hours each day we banded together, cementing friendships with kids in other grades. Sides were chosen for kickball, popsicle-stick artwork was created, and cherry Kool-aid was served with sandwich cookies.

Some of those playground friends are still in my world. Facebook has seen to that, enabling friends to connect years later. Some of us have hundreds of Facebook ‘friends.’ Impossible to have significant relationships with that many people, I realize. But we are all interwoven. Some of the threads weren’t severed, as it turns out. Just hidden from view for a season.