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boxes The View from My Cup

cup The view from my cup…flood waters. The milk chocolate brown patches of water dot the landscape mere feet from our property. The quiet of the morning after the storm is broken by the sound of rushing water. Thankfully we are 15-20 feet above the creek, and thus spared any flood water damage. We can easily contend with soggy low spots in the lawn compared to our neighbors who will be cleaning mud out of their homes, garages, outbuildings and in-ground pools.

The morning TV news brings word of those killed or missing. Of roads not only covered in water but some totally washed away. Of more torrential rains coming this afternoon. More of the latter is a sure guarantee of more of the former.

Mother Nature certainly is a conundrum. We are inundated with water while other areas of the country beg for the same.

I don’t believe I have ever lived anywhere that flooding was an issue for me personally. I’ve never lived in a flood plain, or needed flood insurance. I’ve never known shoveling mud from my home, or having my car submerged, or losing belongings to ravaging flood waters. Today as I drink my coffee surveying the damage around me, I am grateful for a dry home and the safety of my loved ones.