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boxes The View from My Cup

cup The view from my cup…high school memories. Tomorrow begins my high school reunion weekend. A mixer at the high school on Friday and a dinner at a local restaurant on Saturday are the highlights. There are a few other events, mostly sporting oriented, which I can assure you are of no interest to me. Nevertheless, I’m getting fairly excited to see folks I haven’t seen for…well, let’s just say quite a number of years.

Friday evening I’m attending with my high school bestie, Sandy, although the term ‘bestie’ hadn’t been coined back then. Friday promises to be full of remarks like ‘you look GREAT’ and ‘you haven’t aged a bit!’ It will likely also include a few asides to people inquiring who this or that person is. Our class was large. Almost 500 students. I didn’t know them all then, but as I look through my yearbook this morning, I seem to remember even fewer than I thought.

Saturday’s dinner is preceded by a group photo. There are lots of things to remember before the shutter clicks. Pull your tummy in, shoulders back, raise your chin so the extra chin recedes. We might be older, but every attempt will be made not to look it!

The dinner will have memorabilia displayed. Yearbooks, photos, and cheerleader, band and majorette uniforms as well. Also on display will be an ‘In Memory Of’ display with photos of the classmates no longer with us. Several of our class left us much too early.

My Saturday date is my sweetie Paul. He is going simply at my pleasure, because he is one of those people that have zero interest in their own class reunions. My class too, has its fair share of people that couldn’t care less about reuniting. Several still live a stone’s throw from the weekend venues, but won’t be there. And that’s okay.

People will have spent hours preparing for this event. Lots of fuss about decorations, menus and favors. But in reality, be it next week, next month or next year, no one will remember any of those things. We will remember who we saw. It’s the people that make the reunion.