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boxes The View from My Cup

CupThe view from my cup...Portland, Oregon. Sitting in a Starbucks (which, btw, sells wine in the evening!) waiting for Powells City of Books to open. One city block, 3 floors, 1.5 Million books, it's own parking garage. Nirvana!! There are 3500 sections of books. I hope they ship!!

Portland seems to be a very vibrant city. Great attention to preservation of older buildings, embracing green space and a surprising dedication to recycling. Recycling containers everywhere. Public transit is plentiful, although walking is lovely too.

So far I've resisted the plethora of chocolate shops. More on the success of that notion later!

This morning broke cool and bright. The time difference had me up and moving at 5am. Walking the dozen or so blocks to Powells was delightful. People watching until they open...equally nice.

Different time zone, energy of place, smells, morning news anchors ‎and street view. The left coast...right on...