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boxes The View from My Cup

cup The view from my cup...a juxtaposition of seasons. My flowerpot overflowing with summer color, while the bottom is surrounded by fallen leaves. Yes, the maple drops it's leaves early...but isn't this rushing the season a bit?

I'm just not ready for fall. We planted tomatoes late, and are still waiting to harvest our first ripe fruit. We haven't yet had a cookout for friends, laid out my new shade garden, or even used our new wheelbarrow!

But there are other telltale signs fall is approaching. Discussions of buying and stacking firewood, preparing the decks for winter, and list making of indoor projects has commenced.

This morning I will enjoy the humid breeze as well as the sound of dried leaves skittering across the deck. I will appreciate flip flops and tank tops. I absolutely w‎ill squeeze every ounce of enjoyment from this summer.