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boxes The View from My Cup

Cup 8/10/15The view from my cup...the left coast. On our recent vacation to Portland and Seattle we spent one night by the ocean. Long Beach, Washington, a lovely sleepy seaside community. The 'ocean front view' is a relative assessment, as technically nothing was between us and the ocean, unless you are counting the numerous sand dunes. My dreams of twilight and early morning beach strolls were dashed with the realization I didn't pack clothing appropriate for 53 degree beach weather and biting July no less!! That said, it was still the ocean, and the smell of salt air is always delightful.

Staying west of Seattle near family for several days allowed for ample time to enjoy, explore, and embrace the Puget Sound area. Snow-capped mountains, pristine bays, and a never ending abundance of pine trees...beautiful!

Seattle proper was an adventure. Taking the! Seeing the Space Needle...tall! And the adjacent museum was displaying dozens of actual costumes from all 6 Star Wars cool! A visit to Pike Place, fresh seafood dinner and a ferry ride back. A lovely, albeit a tad exhausting day.

Then, staying east of Seattle in Issaquah for two days…seeing a larger-than-Niagra waterfall, a train museum and dozens of paragliders combined with time with friends …delightful!

Observations on the Pacific Northwest…it’s greener, both environmentally green and tree green. I’ve never seen so many pine trees! And I’ve never been in an area where environmental practices were observed so rigorously and intentionally. It seemed second nature…pun intended. After living, and driving, my entire life east of the Mississippi, it was surreal to drive in traffic and everyone seemed to know how to merge onto/ off of an interstate without a log jam, and stayed within the appointed speed. Fascinating! And as a resident of one of the ‘plumpest’ states in the union…the bike lanes, outdoor activities and food choices there certainly help explain the very apparent lack of overweight folks there. On all those accounts, other states could take a lesson.

Safe to say a return visit is very likely! Thanks left were a gracious host.