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boxes The View from My Cup

The view from my cup...the Reader's Voice and Vent Line of our daily paper. For those of you not in my daily paper area, those are the two sections that publish comments from readers. Random, always. Informative, occasionally. ‎Hysterical, quite often. A sampling of what I learned from entries this week...

Cup- A dollar store should be adequate for grocery needs. 

- A law should be passing requiring all slacks to have pockets. 

- The paper should eliminate the editorial section.

- We would have more tourism if we had more animals to see. 

- People wielding ‎guns make others nervous. 

- Why doesn't a retired preacher still preach?

‎That doesn't begin to cover the political comments. Those are a true eye-opening glimpse into how people think, and how ill-informed they can be. Standing behind the cover of anonymity all manner of rhetoric spills forth. 

To balance all the painfully off-base, oftentimes mean-spirited comments, there are the gems tucked in there too. People thanking public servants, or applauding ‎others selflessness. Occasionally a thread will carry on for several days providing sought after information to an inquiry. 

My dream job would be to read all the remarks submitted. You know the laughter factor would be off the charts! The downside would be abiding the malicious and the ridiculous. Hats off, dear editor, for a job well done. It's my favorite section of the paper. I call it ‘the funnies.’