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boxes The View from My Cup

cup The view from my cup...chrysanthemums! Nothing says fall is upon us like mums. ‎When the withered and barren summer flowers have been removed from the outdoor planters, the coleus and black potato vines remain. Mums step in to bring vibrant colors of yellow, dark red, orange, purple and white back to the garden palette.

Although many people plant them in the ground, my preference is having pots of color everywhere! I think they are supposed to be perennials, but I’m not certain how that works with mums. I wish as a child I'd have paid more attention to my mother's gardening habits through the seasons. What was second nature to her is a learning curve for me. But fortunately for me, nature repeats her cycle of plant life annually. I've got time to figure it all out.

As we move through the seasons, each brings its own ‎spectacular offering of beauty. Fall's crowning glory are mums, blending their rich colors with the changing backdrop of trees and ornamental grasses. Nature reminds us she provides beauty year round. The ebb and flow is never ceasing. As some plants go dormant, others thrive.

An under-appreciated fall flower is iron weed. Weed? Yes. Beautiful? Absolutely! A dark, rich purple, the delicate blooms sway several feet tall along roadways, and in pastures and parks. I’d be happy with a huge patch of them in the yard somewhere in view of the deck. (my ever vigilant, lawn maintenance guru significant other would weed eat them down, I fear… ‘But, they’re WEEDS’…I can hear his voice now…)

Currently, I patiently await the blooming of the huge aster in the side yard. A beautiful lavender, the sprawling plant aggravates me and my lawn care guru all summer long. Hard to mow around, becomes tangled in other plants, defies confinement by any means. But those worries quickly fade as fall arrives and the beauty of the aster emerges. After the blooms fade, we will once again swear we are taking it out…but somehow I doubt that happens. After all, it is so incredibly beautiful!