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boxes The View from My Cup

cup The view from my cup…the bookstore. I haven’t shared a view for quite some time. Life is hectic with no promise of becoming calmer anytime soon. The upside is that many of the activities keeping me busy are book related. A friend’s book launch next week, a book festival in progress this week, group of wonderful women writer friends for breakfast at my house next week, just to name a few. Not to mention my second book is finished and the rush to get all the other stuff completed begins…the cover photo, back cover stuff written, etc. Exhausting but I wouldn’t trade a bit of it!

When the opportunity presented itself to have about an hour of free time at the mall, I opted for a frappe and a magazine at the bookstore coffee shop. In a quiet corner, I read a bit, but mostly observed others perusing books and magazines.

The coffee shop area had magazines left behind on every table. Signs of people reading…a good thing. Three children passing by with arms full of books. A man leaning against a bookshelf reading from his potential purchase. A couple discussing how many books they were each going to purchase.

In the chair next to me, my own sweet guy. Also content to sit in silence with his coffee and a book. Sometimes sitting in silence, together, is as relaxing as it gets.