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boxes The View from My Cup cup

The view from my cup…words. A mechanism for producing words actually. For some time now I’ve been collecting words. That is, words and phrases that people use in the course of normal conversation that are either not used correctly, or are not words at all.

There are the usual culprits like ‘their/there/they’re’, and ‘are’ instead of ‘our.’ But here are some others that elicit a wince, eye roll, or outright laughter response.

- Conversate. Not. A. Word. ‘Converse’ is the verb form.

- Should/could of. The phrase is ‘should have’ or ‘could have’ with should’ve or could’ve as the contraction.

- Saddle up. In this instance the phrase was being used where ‘sidle up’ was the correct choice. As in unobtrusively moving closer to someone. Not as in preparing to ride a horse.

- Intensive purposes. A frequent offender used instead of ‘all intents and purposes’.

- If worse comes to worse. If worse comes to worst. Just a single letter makes all the difference.

- Supposably. There is no B! Supposedly.

- Pacific. Okay if you are discussing oceans. Not okay if you really meant ‘specific.’

- At around. One or the other please? It’s either ‘at 6:00pm’ or ‘around 6:00pm’.

- Skiddish. I’ll agree, it kind of sounds like it could be a good word. ‘He’s skiddish.’ But no, the word is ‘skittish.’ As in ‘the horse was skittish.’

- Undoubtably. Another word where the B is actually a D. Undoubtedly.

Do you have a favorite word or phrase you have heard or read to add to my collection?