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boxes The View from My Cup

The view from my cup…Thanksgiving preparations. As the ‘big feast’ draws near, I’m reminded of Thanksgiving happenings from years past that bring a smile to my face. In no particular order, they are:

cup1) My son eating his very first bite of cranberries. The look of shock and dismay that learn his parents shoveled something that distasteful in his mouth…priceless!

2) My ex-father-in-law baking his renown coconut custard pie. After much braggadocio on his part, we tasted it around 10pm Thanksgiving eve because we couldn’t wait. The combined efforts of three adults to not spew pie all over the kitchen was Oscar-worthy. Apparently he, a recently diagnosed diabetic, was unaware baking with certain artificial sweeteners over certain temperatures negated the sweetness. So in essence we were eating scrambled egg coconut pie. Blech!

3) Realizing your friend baked the turkey…and the giblets bag too!

4) Being a guest and asked to carve the turkey…and after much posturing and hemming and hawing, having to tell the hostess she baked the bird upside down, so carving from the bottom wasn’t going so well.

5) Thinking bigger would be better. No, a 23 pound turkey wasn’t necessary for a family of three. With one of the three being a toddler.

6) Being excited about our new, huge Fiesta platter to hold the bird this year.

7) Finding out your neighbor turn ALL the turkey leftovers into turkey and rice soup. What was she thinking?? Who does that?

8) Learning that sliced and fried leftover dressing is a thing. Crunchy on the outside and yummy all over!

I know you probably have some fun memories too…care to share?