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boxes The View from My Cup

cup The view from my cup…groceries. My solo grocery store trip today reminded me of several of my pet peeves. You may also be peeved by the same things. Or maybe I’m a shopping grouch…you be the judge. Here’s some things you may or may not do that annoy the Kroger out of me.

When people unload their bags into their car from the cart, then proceed to push the cart over to the front of their car instead of taking it to the cart return. If you are one of those folks, there are a few things wrong with that. One, if you are that lazy, kindly park closer to the buggy bay. Two, on a windy day, or in a less than level lot, the buggy will move. All by itself. Into a nearby car or the path of an oncoming one. Number three is of a lesser concern, but still bears mentioning. The employee charged with bringing the carts into the store have to chase them from the far corners of the lot. Yes, it’s their job, but if I do my job, their day is a bit easier, right?

Moving inside the store…when you enter the store and get a buggy, you stop in the middle of the aisle, blocking everyone behind you while you get your glasses on, dig out your shopping list from the bottom of your elephantine pocketbook, look for a pen, and check you phone for any urgent messages you might have missed in the last three minutes. Get Out Of The Way!! I do all that stuff when I enter a grocery store, but I manage to move to a not-so-busy area to do so.

And please, by all means, park your buggy across the aisle, then wander off ten or twelve feet to peruse something half an aisle away. While I wait.

Don’t forget to sample things you haven’t purchased, and have no intention of purchasing. Try out the hand lotion. Eat a few grapes. Smell the sauce/dip/detergent/ etc that you had to open the safety seal first to check out the fragrance. Then notice that I’m observing you. You shrug, smile and move on. Ugh.

The good news? They had Steve Evans frozen sausage in stock today. (Not Bob, Steve) Happy Lynne!

Anything I missed?