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Letters to My Son - Reflections on Urban Appalachia at Mid-Centuryletters

Growing up in the heart of Appalachia is not without preconceived prejudices. The truth of an Appalachian upbringing can be elusive. This book debunks the stereotypes surrounding an Appalachian upbringing. Contrary to popular thought, at mid-century the majority of Appalachian Americans resided in urban areas.

Told through letters to a son, the book describes facets of life in urban Appalachia at mid-century.



Mid-Century Recipes from Cocktails to Comfort Food

Revisiting recipes from the mid 1950’s through the mid 1960’s. The meals and memories within these pages will transport you. Although by no means a comprehensive cookbook of Mid-Century meals and libations, these recipes represent a few of the most loved Mid-Century cocktails and cuisine.




Breaching the Chrysler Building
writersA small, but true story of a big
adventure in an iconic skyscrapper
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Writers on Writing
Thoughts from writers on their crafts
to encourage and inspire through
wisdom, experience and humor



Praise for Letters to My Son – Reflections
on Urban Appalachia at Mid-Century

"A book of this nature is long overdue. The stereotypes heaped on Appalachians and what some perceive to be their culture are outrageous and in serious need of redress. Letters To My Son – Reflections of Urban Appalachia at Mid-Century offers refreshing truth that lies in stark contrast to what I refer to in my own work as the spectre of regionalism. The rich revelations Squires conveys of Appalachian life at mid-century provide rare insight into the past as it really was, without a veneer of superficiality or sentimentality. And thus the images are rich and compelling.If you lived at mid-century, you will recognize them as an old friend. If you did not, you will be fascinated at what once was."

- Dr. Hunter O’Hara, author of Transcendent Teacher Learner Relationships

“This little gem nostalgically reveals the other side of growing up in Appalachia - the urban side. It’s a story worth reading."

- Carter Taylor Seaton, award-winning author of Hippie Homesteaders

“A fun, breezy read, the book reveals a rarely written about urban Appalachian culture. The result is a beautiful legacy for her son and insight into a lifestyle that held a grace and charm rarely seen today.”

    - Cat Pleska,  Riding on Comets: a Memoir