The View From My Cup

The view from my cup – fountain pens

The view from my cup…fountain pens. Last year, a friend told me about a great deal she got online for fountain pens in different ink colors. A gob of them for just $20! Santa brought me a box for Read more

The View from My Cup…the coffee bar


The view from my cup…the coffee bar for National Coffee Day! Honestly, it should be a crime to love coffee as we do. We have bags of coffee in a wide assortment of flavors. Let me clarify, bags Read more

The View from My Cup…Caladiums

The view from my cup…Caladiums, summer’s showy foliage. I plant them every year, and they never disappoint. The hardest thing about planting them is finding them. Most box stores are overflowing with petunias and begonias, but nonflowering plants are Read more

The View from My Cup…my typewriter collection

The view from my cup…my typewriter collection. It’s taking over the office where I write. I have an old Remington that weighs 3,000 pounds given to me by an old friend. That boat anchor of a typing machine has Read more

The View From My Cup…Comics

The view from my cup…comic pages. It has been years since I regularly read the comics in the newspaper. Probably since Calvin and Hobbes went away. That was December 31, 1995. On the first day of the same year, Read more

The View From My Cup – Things Gone

The view from my cup…things I don’t see anymore. Now and again, I think of something I haven’t seen for quite a while. As in, not for years, and in some cases decades. Take, for instance, carhop trays. BC Read more

The View From My Cup – Acorns Aplenty

The view from my cup… imminent sign of fall, or precursor of horrific winter? Acorns, part of nature’s granola for squirrels. I watch with amusement and fascination as a squirrel digs a tiny hole, inserts an acorn, and spends Read more

Return to Work Covid Playbook

The View from My Cup (today the view from my tiny cup collection)… After working from home for ten or so weeks, in June I returned to the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. I spent a few hysterical Read more

My Short Covid-19 Essay

I wrote this in March, right after we were given the work from home order and toilet paper reigned supreme. We had just dipped our collective toe into the surreal world of the Covid-19 pandemic.


So Far Away

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Working From Home

The view from my cup…working from home. As with most writers, I have a day job. One that provides insurance, sick and vacation days, and a regular paycheck. Currently, with the Covid-19 restrictions, by day job is now my Read more