The View From My Cup

The View From My Cup…Social Media-less musings

The view from my cup…sunlight peeking through my office window. The maple tree filters this morning’s bright sunlight. It would be peaceful too, were it not for the chorus of bluejays screeching nearby. Earlier I feed them peanuts in Read more

The View From My Cup – a guest post by author Carter Taylor Seaton

The view from my cup looks like infinity. Or reincarnation. I’m not going all Stephen Hawking here or channeling my inner Shirley McClain, but bear with me. While no one can prove or disprove reincarnation, I’m willing to give Read more

The View From My Cup on Mother’s Day 2019

The view from my cup…a sign that brought back memories flooding back of my son when he was a little boy. One day, when we lived in Pennsylvania, his dad and I were discussing where to eat dinner. Duncan Read more

The View From My Cup – by guest author S.G. Redling

Maybe this isn’t the typical ‘Spring in the Garden’ photo but it speaks volumes for me. Dare I say it is fraught with symbolism? It’s a picture of the sunrise behind my old garage which I haven’t been able Read more

Mother’s Day

The view from my cup…memories. Although you might only see an African violet, I see memories of my mother. I’ve never been quite sure why people bemoan ‘turning into my mother’, or ‘sounding just like my mother.’ I certainly Read more