The View from My Cup…my typewriter collection

The view from my cup…my typewriter collection. It’s taking over the office where I write. I have an old Remington that weighs 3,000 pounds given to me by an old friend. That boat anchor of a typing machine has been toted to several homes till landing here in my office on display front and center. Then I bought a tart warmer that is the cutest little typewriter ever, and now two have turned into fifteen.

One is a pencil sharpener, used a few times on my Dixon Ticonderosa black-bodied #2 pencils. One is a planter filled with succulents. One holds a set of coasters that look like the keyboard. A recent addition is a Villeroy and Boch glass one, crystal clear. There is a mint green one purported to hold business cards, although they don’t really fit well. Three are lapel pins, tiny and cute.

When I was small, maybe six or so, all I could talk about was getting a blue typewriter, which came out more like “bwu ty-por-witer” in my child speak. Santa brought me one and I was over-the-moon. Recently I had old super 8 movies transferred to a digital format, and one reel had a picture of me with my new blue typewriter. I’m hoping to get a still photo from it showing the joy on my face. Plus, as a bonus, my hair looked really good.

A few months ago, the hubs found his old typewriter he used to write term papers on in high school. It’s BLUE! So the hefty Remington has lost its prized place on the desk to a blue Smith-Corona. It’s modern looking for something that’s half a century old. Kind of a George Jetson style that his boy Elroy might have used.

My search for typewriters has slowed a bit. I’m running out of display space. I saw one yesterday that was a Halloween decoration. But it was PINK. Hard pass. Typewriters can be many things, but never Pink!

A good friend has one of those amazingly cool keyboards that looks and sounds like an old manual typewriter. I’m particularly fond of my current keyboard. So used to it that I’m on my third one. It’s familiar and I don’t like change when it comes to what use to type. But the retro one is calling me, and I might have to answer.