Working From Home

The view from my cup…working from home. As with most writers, I have a day job. One that provides insurance, sick and vacation days, and a regular paycheck. Currently, with the Covid-19 restrictions, by day job is now my work-from-home job. It has its perks – wearing pajamas to work, the commute is much shorter with far less traffic, and my office has a window.

The drawbacks are aplenty too though. First of all, my computer is configured for me. It’s how I like it, how I work best. Not with extra programs added to allow access to work email, and new icons cluttering up my desktop. My heretofore tidy world is in disarray. Each day includes a TV break to watch the latest updates from our governor. Worst of all is the interference of my job of necessity colliding head-on with my job of choice. This is the desk where I create – new characters, new stories. Now its also the desk where I deal with spreadsheets, consultant’s questions, reimbursement dilemmas, and the like.

An interesting twist in the midst of this stay-at-home work-from-home adventure is I’m starting a new position Monday. I’ve met my new boss and seen my new cube. She’s very nice, and I’m beside a window now! But until we are given the order to return to work, I’ll still be home. Maybe to celebrate, on Monday I’ll wear my favorite PJ’s down the hall to my home office.